Happy to be home

One of my many favourite things about being home sweet home is playing my latest discoveries round the house. Although this song is from 2008, I've only just discovered the french duo recently. I can't quite comprehend how gems like these remain out of my radar, but now there is a whole collection of albums new for me to love. 

This tune is happy and cute. I have previously expressed an appreciation artist who sport headgear, however I am not too sure about Mark Daumail's choice in this video...

Other songs making me happy today:


Merry Christmas!

(New Delhi, India: Children wearing festive clothing ride in the back of a bicycle rickshaw on their way to a Christmas Party, Britain Lights up, Matt Damon sporting a Christmas jumper - all from guardian.co.uk)

Outfit appreciation

(The Sartorialist) 

Had to share my appreciate for lovability of this image of a young lady in Paris. Brave super bright red tights and skirt partnered with a statement necklace and sunglasses which colour match her shoes.


Bingo, Oxford, Marilyn, 1Xtra Live

Celebrating the end of November started last Saturday with a tea and cake date at Loafing Cafe, Victoria Park Village - a loverly local little pattiserie which is perfect after a walk across the park. The evening bought a much welcomed alternative night with Underground Rebel Bingo Club at the Village Underground, Shorditch. Getting the night bus home with doodles all over our bodies was interesting.

On Monday I ventured to Oxford with Katie (http://nobleprojections.blogspot.com/) to celebrate my Mum's birthday with an engaging tour of the Oxford University colleges along with wineing and dining. Always loverly to make an excursion out of the city for the day.

Went to see My Week With Marilyn on Wednesday evening at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road. Certainly didn't disappoint as a fan of that era, Marilyn, and Michelle Williams performance  expectations. 

Thursday evening was BBC 1Xtra live with Jessie J, UK Female Allstars, Big Sean and Kelly Rowland.  For us, Jessie J gave the best performance and Lady Leshurr has defiantly got some talent. Kelly Rowland seemed a bit hung up on Destiny's Child, and not really a fan of "Big" Sean.